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The 2023 Golf season essentials is rooted in the sheer lust for a round on a cool summers day surrounded by good friends with the hope that you pick up from where you left off at the end of last season. 


First round back you expect nothing but get more out of the round than you thought, reinforcing the age old Bobby Jones saying "Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears".

Only to find by the 8th hole your trying something new and so the problems begin...Perpetuated by the next "fix".

This essentials guide is to make that transition as fresh but also as motivating as possible.

So here goes...

1. It is essential you don't buy new clubs because you think they will make you play better, Instead take stock of what you have and go play a round first to see how your playing.

2. Golf glove- Start the season off fresh and what better way than a fresh out of the packet glove. Leather is a must, Titleist are a great option but usually for the skinnier hand. I would recommend FootJoy as a good all round glove that suitable for all levels of player. A goo d start would be an all round glove such as their HyperFLX glove which covers all bases for durability in varying weather conditions with consistent level of comfort.


3. Hat- I know we are a golf hat brand but it is a needed essential for the golf course which no one else is likely to have, 6 vibrant colours, magnetic marker in the brim for the ball marker and a tee slot on the side. What more could you ask for. Also did I mention the fact its water resistant and lightweight. Helpful!



People that wear bucket hats have more fun! or so they say...

4. As always your Ball Marker for the season, whether your superstitious in the form of not walking over three grates on the pavement or having a specific design on all of your golf balls. A ball marker for the season is essential, one that stands out. What better than a Wonkyeye Ball Marker. Heads on one side, Tails on the other... 

Have that extra spur of confidence that your going to drain that next birdie putt!

So in this upcoming 2023 Golfing season, relax, enjoy it and build with the season.