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The Quarter Zip is the quintessential item of any Golfers wardrobe, typically the last piece of clothing you put on before heading out to the course and the go to piece at the course. Due to its versatility as a garment and the role it plays as an item that represents warmth, movement and style. As fashion within Golf progresses at an ever increasing pace with brands trying new ways to stand out whether that be through style or function, there really is a Quarter Zip that suits everyone's needs.

Golf style is in its era of colour at the current moment, bold statements are to be made through what you show up to the course in, out there colours and designs make up for the opening remarks on the tee box. However, while brands adopt new attitudes to colour and design, functionality and quality can be left in the shadows. "Lightweight" is the word we see so often in the product descriptions, while that means freedom of movement and comfort in warmer conditions it usually doesn't mean quality. By quality I mean protection from the elements, longevity of wear and quality of materials. The all new Wonkyeye heavyweight Quarter Zips while stylish are also functional and a go to piece for Autumn Golf, carrying out the same role as a lightweight Quarter Zip but maintaining that quality feel. Thermal insulation in the fabric blend of the garment locks in heat while the tight weave ensures wind protection. The four way stretch of the fabric ensures freedom of movement can be maintained while still achieving the other functions of the garment which is what many quarter zips in the market miss out on. 

Three colour ways to choose from in contrast colours with stretch sealed hems and wrists provides the perfect athletic look and fit. Check out our 'Match Play' Quarter Zips and see for yourself.