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As September comes to a close, making way for October. The summer of Golf is well and truly in the rear view mirror. In it, the mirage of Sun, warmth and Polo shirt weather. The water proofs are making more of an appearance day by day with less skin on show, heading to the course is no longer a small list of what to remember and more about what to pack to meet the needs of winter golf. 

Golf apparel has come a long way over the years, combining the best functions of athletic clothing incorporated into each garment. Four way stretch, lightweight materials, the list goes on and when looking for clothing to meet these expectations, brands are really meeting the mark. It comes down to choice and style now, with an abundance of options, it can feel like information overload on who to shop with. 

Galvin Green lead the way in the winter golf market with incredible clothing to meet the needs of the winter season, however the price point isn't so flattering. A lot of clothing is use specific, waterproofs that are great at repelling water but restrictive during the swing. You want something that is an all rounder for winter golf, one piece of clothing that you wear the whole way through without the thought "I need to take this off", that has to be the Wonkyeye 'Match Play' Quarter Zip. A utility pullover that is unrestrictive during your swing but incorporates all the functionality of a winter garment. Incredible at blocking wind draughts due to the material composition of the fabric, reinforced with elastic hem and sleeves to close off access to the body. Water resistance that shouldn't require the addition of a further water proof jacket unless the rain becomes heavy. Then we get on to the real standout feature, heat retention, the insulation allows the garment to breathe so body temperature regulation is forefront but nothing gets in from the outside. 

A needed addition to any winter golf wardrobe.