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While a Bucket Hat is always similar in structure, there are a lot of differences to look out for when considering what one to buy and what your needs from a hat are.

So lets dive right in...

1. Coverage

Pretty self explanatory, the wider the brim the more coverage you're going to have from the elements. Great for protection but it can become a problem when it begins to effect your swing due to interference in your peripheral vision. This is your first decision, typically you see from Golf brands such as Titleist, their waterproof range adopts a wider brim to be more appropriate for the conditions but can be uncomfortable to wear when active in your swing so going for a bucket hat that has that waterproof feature but with a toned back brim to more accommodating for varying conditions.

2. Versatility

Like above, an all round hat that can cover all conditions but isn't limited to the golf course attire is good value for money. An understated design in block colours which plays the perfect role on the course but also does a good job off is always going to be a useful purchase. You don't want to compromise performance so we recommend a water resistant material mix such as polyester/spandex for example. Looks good and satisfies its intended use.

3. Material

What is the intended use for your product? Will you wear it when its raining or during the summer months to keep your head in the shade. Why not both? Material is an important factor to consider. You don't want to compromise performance so we recommend a water resistant material mix such as polyester/spandex for example. It functions on two fronts, lightweight for the summer months but beads water away from the material when your caught off guard by the rain.

4. Colour

The usual golf attire follows the usual scheme of Black, Grey, White and Navy. That's okay its what your comfortable in and willing to wear but their are options to choose from out there that might tickle your fancy. Stand out on the Course with the Wonkyeye Range of bucket hats on offer, Petroleum Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow and Green.

5. Budget

Within any industry there is always going to be different price points from different brands even if the hats are exactly the same. Its what you feel is the best value and satisfies your needs in the best way. Not always is the best option the most expensive option, typically that just comes down to the size and stature of the brand that is offering the products commanding those price points.

Going with less well known brands that are focused on a specific garment can be a great way to get your hands on products that carry out the same function as other bigger brands at a fraction of the cost. While not compromising on Quality.